Lectures and hands-on laboratory modules on basic engineering tools such as micro- and nano-fabrication, and basic bio-based and bio-inspired sensing and actuation tools such as excitation of neurons and neuro-networks, activation of muscle cell contraction, tools to manipulate sensing-actuation integration, and computational tools will be developed. Furthermore, BSBA related device-making and its potential applications to different application areas such as agriculture, energy, and medicine will be considered as part of the hands-on lab modules.

Hands-On Lab Modules

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Lab Tours

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Outline of Two-Week Summer Institute Activities

This information is subject to change.

First Week

  • Opening ceremonies and reception.
  • Lectures:
    • Fundamentals of biological systems
    • Principles of engineered sensors and actuators
    • Basics of neuroscience and neuro-networks
    • Sensing and actuation in cells

Second Week

  • Sensing and actuation in biological tissues
  • Sensing-actuation integration in biological systems
  • Biomimetic, engineered sensors and actuators
  • Labs:
    • Basic micro and nano fabrication techniques
    • Basic cell biology lab
  • Cultural exchange activities
  • Weekend excursion of cultural/historical places